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Areas Served: City of Barnesville

In an effort to encourage retail and industrial businesses to locate within the Barnesville trade area, interested individuals are encouraged to take advantage of the Barnesville, Minnesota Area Business Incentive Program.

With a total value in excess of $5,000, the Incentive Package is designed to assist new businesses with many of the expenses associated with opening existing businesses, as well as individuals who are starting new businesses.

The Incentives are made available by thirty-one existing businesses as their way of supporting Barnesville Economic Development.

The incentives include everything from reduced interest startup loans to discounted legal and accounting services, free utilities to discounted advertising.

A wide variety of building and remodeling incentives include plumbing and cabinetry work, as well as free building materials.

To qualify for the Incentive Package, interested businesses must build, purchase or lease commercial property in the immediate Barnesville area, as well as submit a business plan for review.

Contact Information
Barnesville Economic Development Authority
Address: 202 Front Street North
City: Barnesville
State: Minnesota


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Subscribe Now to the 60-day Startup Challenge!