Business Loan Fund – Carver County, Minnesota

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Areas Served: Carver County

Goal of the CDA BLF Program: – Provide attractive capital to successful and financially strong Carver County, Minnesota businesses helping them grow and expand.

– The creation of living wage jobs, an increase in the commercial tax base, and retention of quality companies and workforce is the primary reason for creating the BLF.

Generally, loan amounts will be considered on a case by case basis, but generally the following applies: – $50,000 minimum loan amount – $500,000 maximum loan amount Interest Rates: Adjustable and fixed rate loans are available, with rates determined and agreed upon by the CDA Board as well as participating lender in the project.

Generally, loans from the BLF will be lower than prevailing market interest rates

Contact Information
Carver County, Minnesota
Address: 705 Walnut St
City: Chaska
State: Minnesota


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