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Areas Served: Dauphin County

Dauphin County Community & Economic Development organizations can help with business expansion, start-up or relocation to Dauphin County.

They can assist with loan packaging, so it has the greatest chance for success in obtaining financing from the following government loan programs, many with below market interest rates.

Available funds: Dauphin County Industrial Development Authority Up to 100% Tax-Exempt Bond Financing for industrial, manufacturing, non-profit and environmental projects.

Up to 100% Taxable Bond Financing for most other projects, all with lower interest rates than conventional financing.

Community First Fund for qualified borrowers, loans up to $35,000 for the start or expansion of a small business.

Interest rates starting at 9.5% and terms up to 5 years.

Enterprise Zone Loans – up to $250,000 at low interest rates to manufacturing, office buildings, warehousing, and other facilities located in the zone.

Small Business First Up to $200,000.00 available to manufacturing, industrial, export related, advanced technology, computer related services, hotels/motels, restaurants, defense related firms and recyclers or municipal/commercial waste for Real Estate, M&E and Working Capital.

Pennsylvania Machinery & Equipment Loan Fund (MELF) Up to $500,000.00 or 50% of the total eligible project costs available at below market interest rate.

Available to for-profit manufacturing, industrial, agricultural processors and mining operations.


Contact Information
Dauphin County Community & Economic Development
Address: 2 South Second Street, Fifth Floor
City: Harrisburg
State: Pennsylvania


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Subscribe Now to the 60-day Startup Challenge!