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Areas Served: City of Marinette

The City of Marinette, Wisconsin offers two incentive programs facilited by the City of Marinette and other government and private organizations at the local, state, and national levels.

Business Development Loan Program The loan program encourages commercial revitalization, business expansion, and industrial development within the City of Marinette for the purpose of job creation and job retention.

At lease one full-time permanent position or full-time equivalent must be created for every $20,000 of program funds requested.

All loans are fixed rate financing at 4% interest, amortized over ten years.

No minimum or maximum loan amount requirement.

Loan amounts will be based on availability of local program funds.

Eligible activities include: acquisition of land, buildings, fixed equipment and working capital.

MAEDC Grant Program MAEDC will provide grants up to $20,000.00 to small businesses (employ 15 or less FTEs) expanding or locating in the City of Marinette.

Preference will be given to industry or manufacturing.

The business must create new jobs to qualify.

Matching funds are required.


Contact Information
City of Marinette, Wisconsin
Address: 1905 Hall Avenue
City: Marinette
State: Wisconsin


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