Last Updated on August 27, 2020

One of the requirements of maintaining an LLC or corporation in Colorado is filing a Periodic Report, which is commonly known in many states as an Annual Report.  The Periodic Report is used to confirm and update the company’s information each year with the Secretary of State, such as the name and address of the registered agent and principal office address.

What is Needed to File a Colorado Periodic Report

The only option of filing the Periodic Report is online through the Colorado Secretary of State’s website,

The report asks for information such as:

  • The entity’s Secretary of State ID Number.  You can find your ID by doing a name search and look for the Registration Date.
  • Legal name of the entity
  • Address of the Principal place of business (No P.O. Boxes)
  • Name and street address (P.O. Boxes are not allowed) of the Registered Agent

Periodic Report Cost

The Periodic Report for either the Corporation or LLC is $10.

Due Date

The Secretary of State’s office sends a reminder notice 7 days before the start of the reporting month. Even though a reminder is sent, it’s important to make an additional reminder for yourself should you not receive it. 

The annual filing is due by the last day of the anniversary month the LLC or Corporation was formed. For example, if your LLC or Corporation was formed January 1st, the Annual Report will be due every year thereafter before January 31st.  You are able to file up to 2 months in advance.

My business made little or no money.  Do I still have to file the Periodic Report?

Even if your Corporation or LLC received no income or had no business activity, the Periodic Report is still required to be filed.

What happens if you don’t file the Periodic Report on time?

If the Periodic Report is not filed on time, a late fee of $40 will be assessed in addition to the entity’s status being changed to Non-Compliance.

If the Periodic Report is not filed within 3 months of the due date, the entity’s status will change to Delinquent.  In order for the entity to regain its status of good standing with the Secretary of State, the Statement Curing Delinquency will need to be filed and all fees paid.  By not being in good standing, the owners may be held personally liable should the LLC or corporation be sued.  Eventually, without filing, the entity will be administratively dissolved by the Secretary of State.

Colorado Secretary of State Contact Information

The mailing address for the Colorado Periodic Report is:

Colorado Secretary of State
1700 Broadway, Ste 200
Denver, CO 80290

If you have questions, they can be contacted at (303) 894-2200.