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Areas Served: Eureka California

Implemented in conjunction with Eureka Main Street, the Facade Grant program helps Eureka, California commercial property owners and business tenants in targeted downtown areas to improve the exterior of their buildings.

The program helps to improve storefronts and offices, revitalizes neighborhood commercial areas, eliminates blight and enhances the livability of surrounding neighborhoods.

Eligible improvements include: – Facade renovation – Sign renovation, replacement and repainting – Exterior wall repair and painting – Window replacement or modification – Door replacement – Handicap accessibility modifications – Planter box installation and permanent landscaping (specifications and maintenance agreement required) – Decorative lighting – Other improvements that will increase the attractiveness of the building Applicants with approved projects can receive up to 50% of the cost of eligible improvements, with a maximum grant of $7,500. Bonus grants are available for appropriate and tasteful signage, historic restoration and more.

The final award amount is an amount agreed upon by the Eureka Redevelopment Agency and Eureka Main Street.

Contact Information
Eureka Redevelopment Agency
Address: 525 Second Street, Suite 105
City: Eureka
State: California

Website: http://eurekaredevelopment.com/assistance-programs/facade-grants