Florida LLC Name Requirements

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Before finalizing the name of your Florida LLC, you will want to make sure the name meets all of the state requirements such as the correct usage of the entity designator, the name is distinguishable from other registered names, the name must be consistent with the activities of the business and the name can’t allude to any government affiliation.

Entity Designator

The LLC name must contain the words “limited liability company” or the abbreviation “L.L.C.” or “LLC” as will clearly indicate that it is a limited liability company instead of a natural person, partnership, corporation, or other business entity.


The LLC name must be distinguishable in the records of the department from the names of all other entities or filings that are on file with the department, except fictitious name registrations pursuant to s. 865.09, general partnership registrations pursuant to s. 620.8105, and limited liability partnership statements pursuant to s. 620.9001 which are organized, registered, or reserved under the laws of this state; however, a limited liability company may register under a name that is not otherwise distinguishable on the records of the department with the written consent of the other entity if the consent is filed with the department at the time of registration of such name and if such name is not identical to the name of the other entity. A name that is different from the name of another entity or filing due to any of the following is not considered distinguishable:

1. A suffix.
2. A definite or indefinite article.
3. The word “and” and the symbol “&.”
4. The singular, plural, or possessive form of a word.
5. A punctuation mark or a symbol.

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The LLC name may not contain language stating or implying that the limited liability company is organized for a purpose other than a purpose authorized in this chapter and its articles of organization.

Government Affiliation

The LLC name may not contain language stating or implying that the limited liability company is connected with a state or federal government agency or a corporation or other entity chartered under the laws of the United States.

Reference: Florida Revised Limited Liability Company Act: Statutes 605.0112