How Do I Get a Tax Certificate Number for Selling Crafts in Texas?

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Question – I am a Green card holder living in Texas, I will like to start selling my handmade craft (cute necklaces) at convention events. (and trying on Etsy). It is only me making and only me will sell them. I have been asked by the ANIME-CON to show “Tax Certificate Number”, So how do I get one? How much will it cost? Maybe I will do it once or twice a year (and hope to find a part-time job for the rest of the year).

In order to get the “Tax Certificate Number” you will need to visit the Texas Comptroller to get a Sales Tax Permit which allows you to collect sales tax for the retail items you sell.  There is no cost to obtain the number.  Here is more information about how to get a sales tax number in Texas.


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