Last Updated on February 24, 2019

Question – What license/permits are required to operate an online clothing store in the state of Mississippi?

Our Answer – Online businesses are great to start in Mississippi as there aren’t a lot of licenses or permits to apply for. 
1. First you will need your sales tax permit. You will need to register with the Mississippi Department of Revenue. Sales taxes will need to be collected for purchases made by customers that live in the state. More information from the Department of Revenue –
2. If you are going to hire employees, check out our page on hiring employees as there are a number of registrations that you will have to do –
3. Assuming you are doing business out of your home to start, most communities do not require a business license. Double check with your City Hall first to be sure though. If you are going into commercial space there is a greater likelihood of needing a business license, but many communities still don’t require a business license for an online business like yours.