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Question – I have a question about my LLC.  I currently have an LLC and let’s say it’s named “ABC, LLC”.  If I want to start an online store called “”, is there anything I would need to do?  Do I have to form another LLC or can I run it under my “ABC LLC”?  If I can run it under my ABC LLC is there anything I have to do?


Our Answer – Assuming the website you are selling from is selling the products of your LLC, there is nothing you have to do.  The website URL and the name of the LLC are two different things.  Think of the URL as an asset of the LLC.  Many businesses have several website addresses that are selling the products of that business. 

If the website address is for a totally different line of business, you may want to consider forming a second business entity to separate the two.  A major benefit of the LLC is liability protection, so if one business were to be sued, the other would be protected.