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Question – I have an LLC that does online retail and I was told I needed a Sellers Permit. I tried to do this with an “online” service but even after I provided the fed tax ID and other information about my business they called and requested my SSN. Is this also required for a Sellers Permit?

Our Answer – The SSN and FEIN are somewhat related and you could use your SSN in place of the FEIN if you were a sole proprietorship with no employees. 

To sell items at retail, both online and retail, you need to register with the Taxation and Revenue Department in New Mexico.  You will need to register through the Combined Reporting System (CRS) to obtain a New Mexico tax identification number.  This number will allow you to pay state and local gross receipts tax.  This is probably what was meant by the Seller’s Permit. 

There is no fee to apply for this number.