Revolving Loan Fund – City of Galesburg, Illinois

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Areas Served: City of Galesburg

The City of Galesburg, Illinois Revolving Loan Fund Program is designed to stimulate business growth.

Funds can be used for: – the purchase or creation of a business – adding a new product line or machinery and equipment – or expanding, renovating, or relocating business operations Benefits include:
• Low interest rate.

• Flexible use of funds.

• Easier access to capital than traditional sources.

• Compatability with other sources of financing.

• Stream-lined approval process.

Funds are available for $15,000 per full time job created with a maximum of $750,000. Interest rates are as low as 0% in certain circumstances.

Contact Information
City of Galesburg, Illinois
Address: 55 W. Tompkins Street
City: Galesburg
State: Illinois


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