Revolving Loan Fund – City of Sidney, Ohio

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Areas Served: City of Sidney

The main goal of the City of Sidney, Ohio RLF Program is to create and retain permanent, private-sector job opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income persons, through the expansion and retention of business and industry in the City of Sidney, Ohio.

Project funding may be used for business expansions or start-ups for industrial, manufacturing, commercial, retail or service endeavors.

RLF REQUIREMENTS Maximum of $15,000 for every full-time equivalent FTE) job created; Minimum of 1:1 leverage of CDBG money and other funds; Minimum 10% of owner/developer equity in the project (20% for a business start-up); At a minimum, at least 51% of the permanent, full-time equivalent employment opportunities created or retained must be taken by or made available to persons from low- and moderate-income households;

Contact Information
City of Sidney, Ohio
Address: 201 W Poplar Street
City: Sidney
State: Ohio


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