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Areas Served: Adams, Forest, Juneau, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Oneida, Portage, Vilas and Wood Counties

The Regional Revolving Loan Fund (RRLF) provides gap financing to area Wisconsin businesses.

A gap is the difference between what a private lender is willing to lend, and what a borrower needs.

Typically, RRLF money is long-term, has low down payments, and carries lower interest rates than traditional private financing.

RRLF’s do not compete with banks for projects, but rather complement them and other programs in a total financial structure.

ELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES – Acquisition of land, buildings, and fixed equipment; – Site Preparation, construction or remodeling of buildings, or the installation of fixed equipment; – Clearance, Demolition or removal of structures or the rehabilitation of buildings and other such improvements; and – Working Capital INELIGIBLE ACTIVITIES – Refinancing; – Acquisition of rolling stock; – Soft costs: such as design, promotional activities, and legal fees; and – Service based businesses: such as restaurants, day care, retail, resorts, motel, and hotels.

TERMS OF A LOAN – Loan Sizes will range from $10,000 to $150,000. – Interest Rates will be set by the Loan Review Committee, usually below market rates.

– Equity: At least 10% of new or existing equity is necessary for any project.

– Job Creation is required at the rate of one full time equivalent per $20,000 lent

Contact Information
North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
Address: 210 McClellan St, Suite 210
City: Wausau
State: Wisconsin


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