Revolving Loan Fund – Shullsburg, Wisconsin

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Areas Served: City of Shullsburg

The City of Shullsburg offers a revolving loan for businesses in Shullsburg, Wisconsin.

Interest Rates: The interest rates on the loan may be below market rate for the first five years of the loan, but not less than 2.00%.

The size of loans will be determined by the availability of funds, the demand for available funds and the number of jobs created by the project.

Generally, RLF loans should not exceed $50,000. There is no minimum loan size.

Loan Term: The loan terms will be (1) 5 years for working capital loans; (2) Equal to the expected life value fo the assets used for security, up to 20 years; or (3) up to 20 years if secured by real estate.

Flexibility in loan terms and payment amounts may be provided

Contact Information
Shullsburg, Wisconsin
Address: 190 N. Judgement Street
City: Shullsburg
State: Wisconsin


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