Revolving Loan Funds in Washington

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Find revolving loan funds for your business in Washington.

How to File a Delaware Annual Report

What is a Delaware Annual Report One of the requirements of maintaining a corporation in Delaware is filing the Annual Franchise Tax Report.  While LLCs,

Hawaii LLC Name Requirements

Before finalizing the name of your Hawaii LLC, you will want to make sure the name meets all of the state requirements such as the

How to Register for an EIN in Indiana

One of several steps most businesses will need when starting a business in Indiana is registering for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Indiana state

SBA Micro Loan Program – Albany Community Together, Inc

Baker, Bibb, Calhoun, Chattahoochee, Clay, Colquitt, Crawford, Crisp, Decatur, Dooly, Dougherty, Early, Grady, Harris, Houston, Lee, Macon, Marion, Meriwether, Miller, Mitchell, Muscogee, Peach, Pike, Quitman, Randolph, Schley, Seminole, Stewart, Sumter, Talbot, Taylor Terrell, Thomas, Troup, Upson, Webster, Worth

Tips & Ideas For Naming A Bike Shop

There are over 16,000 bike shops in the United States alone. So, it’s no surprise that finding the perfect business name feels impossible.  With that

What is a SWOT Analysis?

SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a business venture or business startup. It involves specifying the objective of

Tips & Ideas For Naming A Towing Business

Considering there are more than 51,000 towing companies in the United States alone, it’s no surprise settling on a unique name when starting a towing business feels impossible.  Picking

SBA Micro Loan – Rural Enterprises of Oklahoma, Inc


How to Start a Bar

Maybe you’ve worked as a bartender and are dreaming of having a bar of your own. Or maybe you know your town would really benefit

Rural Loan Fund – CSRA Business Lending

Bulloch, Burke, Columbia, Emanuel, Glascock, Greene, Hancock, Jefferson, Jenkins, Johnson, Lincoln, McDuffie, Richmond, Screven, Taliaferro, Warren, Washington, and Wilkes counties.

Do I need a Business License?

Whether you are starting a retail store, service business or running a business out of your home, you may be wondering whether you need a

How to Start a Photography Business

Do you always have your camera by your side? Whether you’re capturing stunning landscapes or making memories with your family, your photography talents might be

What Are Bylaws?

What Are Bylaws? The bylaws of a corporation contain detailed written rules for the companies operations. The bylaws (called an operating agreement for an LLC)

Revolving Loan Funds

A revolving loan fund (RLF), sometimes referred to as a microloan program, is a pool of money where loans are made and the repayments are returned and

How to Start a HVAC Business

If you’re mechanically inclined, have a talent for troubleshooting, and are looking for a business that you can grow over time, then starting an HVAC

How to Register for an EIN in Texas

One of several steps most businesses will need to take when starting a business in Texas is to register for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

How to Start a Petting Zoo

We all loved petting zoos when we were children.  If you want to recreate that experience for children now, and you love animals and have

How to Start a Vinyl Business

Combining the artistic, the creative, and the meticulous, the vinyl cutting industry doesn’t only offer a fun way to exercise your creative nature, but it

Tips For Naming a Record Label

With all of the record labels in existence, it probably feels like all the good names are already taken, right? Furthermore, how do you find

How to Register for an Iowa DBA

In Iowa, a business operating under a fictitious name will need to register a Trade Name Iowa.  Learn more about what a Trade Name is,

What is a Single-Member LLC?

More and more individual entrepreneurs choose the LLC over the sole proprietorship when starting their small business, and with good reason. LLCs provide a number

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