Revolving Loan Funds in Florida

A revolving loan fund (RLF), sometimes referred to as a microloan program, is a pool of money where loans are made and the repayments are returned and lent out again, which then allows for other similar investments. For our purposes, we are looking at a revolving loan fund focused on small businesses.  There are thousands of low-interest, small […]

How to Form a Corporation in Florida

The Corporation is a business structure that provides personal liability protection by separating the owner’s personal assets from the assets of the business. Thus, a corporation is liable for the actions and finances of the business, while the owners (known as shareholders) are not. Corporation Pros Corporations provide liability protection for the shareholders A corporation can […]

How to Register for an EIN in Florida

One of several steps most businesses will need when starting a business in Florida is to register for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Florida state tax ID numbers.  These numbers are most commonly used to register a business with the federal and state government in order to pay sales taxes, payroll taxes, and withhold […]

What Business Licenses & Permits are Needed in Florida?

What Business Licenses & Permits are Needed in Florida? Starting a business in Florida will mean potentially registering with a number of federal, state, and local agencies. Let’s take a look at common licenses and permits a business will register for in Florida. Before applying for any licenses, the legal structure of the business will […]

Steps to Hiring your First Employee in Florida

Steps to Hiring your First Employee in Florida Hiring your first employee as a new business owner is both an exciting and frightening experience. Not only do you have a person relying on you to pay them so they can provide for their family while balancing the cash flow needs of your business, but there […]

How to get a Resale Certificate in Florida

In order to purchase inventory without paying sales tax, a Florida Resale Certificate is needed.  Learn more about the certificate and how to get one! When a business purchases inventory to resell, they can do so without paying sales tax.  In order to do so, the retailer will need to provide a Florida Resale Certificate […]

How to Register for a Sales Tax Permit in Florida

Most businesses starting in Florida selling a product or offering certain services will need to register for a sales tax permit. This is commonly referred to as a seller’s permit, sales tax license, sales & use tax number, or sales tax registration. Check out the rest of this guide to determine who needs a sales […]

When is a Registered Agent Needed in Florida?

Starting a business as a corporation, LLC, or Limited Partnership requires having a registered agent in Florida.  Learn what the registered agent is, their job duties, and the requirements to be one. What is a registered agent? A registered agent (also referred to as a resident agent or statutory agent in some states) is a […]

How to Register a Florida DBA

In Florida, a business operating under a fictitious name will need to register a DBA.  Learn more about what a DBA is, who needs one, and how to register. Related: How to start a business in Florida What is a DBA? A DBA, also known as “Doing Business As,” Trade Name, Assumed Name, or Fictitious […]