What kind of seller’s permit is needed for selling crafts online in Ohio?

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Question – What kind of seller’s permit in needed for selling crafts online in Ohio? 


Our Response – One permit you will need to have to sell products in Ohio is a Vendor’s License through the Ohio Department of Taxation. Any products you sell to customers in Ohio are required to be charged sales tax. The business collects this sales tax and sends it to the Department of Taxation. The form you are looking for is the ST-1 and we have more information and links for registering at https://startingyourbusiness.com/ohio (see Step 5). Be aware as this may be changing as yesterday the Supreme Court allowed states to require online sellers to collect sales tax regardless of where the customer lives. 

There isn’t a business license requirement in the state of Ohio, but you will want to also check in your town to see if you are required to have one. It’s fairly rare, but some areas require a license for a home-based business

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